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Winter Reading Challenge for Adults

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Reading Challenge for Adults
read until May 1, 2017
A project co-sponsored by 
Spooner Memorial Library and Northwind Book and Fiber
A fun winter challenge where you may discover books and genres that you would not ordinarily choose and perhaps learn something new about yourself and the world
Qualify to win a gift certificate at Northwind Book and Fiber




Read any ten of the sixteen books on the reading challenge list - hopefully, there will be some genres that you don’t usually read, or content that makes you think long after you’re done.  

For every book you finish you may add your name to a jar for a chance to win a gift certificate at Northwind Book and Fiber. (Name slips are available at the library and the book store.)

The top prize, a $60 gift certificate, will be awarded to somebody who has read at least ten of the titles on the list. (You may only put your name in the jar ten times.) The following two prizes, one for a $30 gift certificate and one for a $20 gift certificate will be drawn from the jar with slips from people who have finished at least one book.

For some of the titles, only a few library items are available so make sure to put a hold on books you want to read through the library – or purchase a copy at Northwind Book and Fiber.

Let us know if you have already read 6 or more books on the list – we have a backup plan. (And no, you don’t get to count books you’ve already read – unless you read them again.)smile


When you’re finished:

What did you read that was especially challenging? Did you read something that you would never ordinarily have selected? Did anything you read make you change your mind/opinion?

Do you want to talk about it?

Join us for a Reading Challenge Discussion Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 6-7 p.m. at Spooner Memorial Library.


The book discussion will also be the time and the date for the gift certificates drawing. You do not need to be present to win.



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