Spooner Memorial Library

421 High St., Spooner WI 54801 (715)635-2792


There is something for everyone at the library!

  • Books! Books! Books!
  • DVDs
  • Free Public Internet Access
  • Free Wifi
  • Printers & a Copier
  • Over 80 Magazine Subscriptions!
  • 8 Newspaper Subscriptions
  • Atlases & Maps
  • 100 yrs+ of the Advocate on Microfilm
  • State and Local History
  • Audio Books and CDs

Other Services

  • Interloan – Able to Borrow and Lend materials from other Libraries
  • Video Eye for Visually impaired
  • Test Proctored for students
  • Two 10-week Pre-school story hour programs
  • Summer Reading program for children preschool through 8th grade (average 400 participants)
  • First Grade Library Tours
  • Library Lego Club
  • Special Programs (Boy Scouts, area pre schools, Host for Theater in the Woods special programs, visiting authors)
  • Photocopier available $.20 per page for black & white copies, $.50 for color copies
  • Fax available (both to send and receive) $1.00 per page
  • Microfilm reader & Printer $.20 per page

Copier and Fax Services

Copier charges and computer printouts

The Library has a copy machine that prints in black-and-white only.  Patrons may make personal copies using this machine.

  • $.20/Copy              Black & White Letter and legal size paper
  • $.50/Copy              Color Letter and legal size paper
  • $.15/Copy              Own paper
  • $.20/Copy              Double sided

Fax Charges

The library staff will operate the fax machine for patrons.  Please ask for assistance.

  • Sending & Receiving:  $1.00/page
  • Overseas faxing: Sending & Receiving $2.00/page
  • No Charge for cover sheet
  • No Charge for scans


Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan (ILL)is a service for obtaining materials that are not available in the Northern Waters Library System (NWLS). 

How can I make a request?

First, check the online catalog (http://merlin.nwls.lib.wi.us/search), to see if the desired material is in the Northern Waters Library System (NWLS).  If the material is not available in NWLS you may complete the form below, being careful to fill out the form as accurately and completely as possible to prevent any delays in processing. A separate form is needed for each item requested. Accurate personal information (library card number, telephone number etc.) must be provided. 

Submission of an official Interlibrary Loan request indicates the requester's recognition of and agreement to comply with copyright laws and guidelines governing duplication of materials for interlibrary loan.

How much does it cost?

Spooner Memorial Library interlibrary loan service is free-of-charge to eligible users. Borrowers are responsible for the charges for any lost or damaged items.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to fill a request varies depending on such factors as whether or not the material is available and where the lending library is located. If a lending library responds quickly, it may be quickly received. However, if a request must be sent out of state for fulfillment, the delay can be lengthy. There are no guarantees that each submitted request can be filled. You need to allow plenty of time when requesting materials through Interlibrary Loan. 

What is the loan period?

The loan period for all items are determined by the lending institution. The due date is indicated on blue index card located in the front cover of most materials. 

What might delay my request?

Inaccurate information can slow the request. The single most important thing you can to do speed up your request is to fill out the entire ILL form completely. Include all requested personal information (name, ID number, address, phone number/e-mail address, etc.) Be sure that the title and author are correct.

Please use this request form for ILLs.  Please return completed forms to the front desk at the library.

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